August 18, 2019: The iBi catamaran will be released to water

13 August, 2019

It is time to show our muscles. Our iBi catamaran will be released in the water to achieve our goal and dream; a clean ocean around Ibiza and the Balearic Islands. After months of preparation, we are ready to step up! 

On August 18, 2019 we are welcoming the iBi catamaran in Ibiza and perform tests to optimize the cleaning system. With our special cleaning system, we remove floating plastics from the oceans. The plastics will be processed in a responsible manner at local waste processors or receive a wonderful place in artistic projects by interested artists. It is time to fight the big plastic enemy by removing it from our oceans to give marine animals their beloved blue habitat back.

In the upcoming weeks we will keep you informed via photos and videos on our social media channels and our website.