The benefits of organic cotton

01 May, 2019

The benefits of organic cotton

IBi's children's clothing has the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification. That’s because we use organic cotton to manufacture our clothing. But what are the benefits of organic cotton? And why is the cotton industry so bad for the environment?

No chemical pesticides

Cotton is one of the most sprayed crops in the world. In the cotton industry, they use pesticides to combat diseases and pests. The production of organic cotton only has a small impact on the environment. No pesticides or other chemical pest control products are used in the cultivation of organic cotton. Instead of harmful pesticides, natural alternatives are chosen, such as other insects and botanical plant extracts.

Stronger quality cotton fibers

Did you know that organic cotton is still hand-picked the old-fashioned way? For machine-picked cotton, a chemical defoliant is used. This product not only affects the soil, but also the quality of the cotton fibers. That is why clothing made from organic cotton lasts longer than clothing made from "normal" cotton. Organic cotton is kind to your wallet and the marine animals!

Healthier farmland

The farmers use crop rotation for the production of organic cotton. This means that different kind of crops grown on the same soil. Crop rotation preserves nutrients in the soil. As a result, the quality of the soil doesn't decrease and the soil remains moist. That is why less manure and water is required to produce organic cotton.

Are you doing your part?

In short, "normal" cotton has quite a few disadvantages:

●       it contains many chemicals;

●       is therefore of poorer quality;

●       and the farmland suffers enormously from production.


At iBi we are doing our part by using organic cotton for our children's clothing. So do you wear iBi? Then you also do your part. Together we can make the world a little better and enjoy our beautiful planet for years to come. Together with our children and grandchildren. Discover our collection. Here you will find the most beautiful children's clothing that is manufactured sustainably.