A clean ocean

06 April, 2019

A clean ocean

It’s 2059. My granddaughter comes to me and says: “Grandpa, I have to write a paper about the oceans. Can you tell me something about that subject? Can you help me? ”Of course, I can. I think back to when I was young and start to tell her everything I know.

So much to tell

"Where do I begin? There is so much to tell. A whale and her cub jump out of the water together. With a big splash, they enter the water again. Dolphins swim in front of a boat. Every now and then they jump up, after which they gracefully glide back into the water again. A sea turtle floats on the open sea, next to a boat. He enjoys sunbathing and occasionally checks where you are. A gannet is flying over the top of the waves like a true artist. Occasionally he takes a dip in the water in search of a tasty meal. And penguins slide off icebergs to land in the cold waters of Antarctica!”

Long gone extinct

My granddaughter looks at me like “What?” and says: “Grandpa, what you’re saying doesn’t make any sense! I don't know any of the animals you’re talking about. And what is an iceberg? I have to write a paper about the plastic pollution in the oceans. And I want to describe what types of plastic float in the ocean. Where they come from and how long they will still float there. I don’t want to write about extinct animals that nobody knows anymore or an iceberg, whatever that may be!?”

A dark future

What if this story will soon become a reality? We have to protect our beautiful nature at all costs. We spend so much time there. Bare feet in the sand on beautiful white beaches. After which we go for a swim in the bright blue sea. We take it for granted now, but what if these things will soon be something of the past? We must cherish our nature. For ourselves, but also for our children and grandchildren.

A clean ocean

Our nature and animals need us. They desperately do. If you see a marine animal floating around in the sea, there is always one fighting for his life somewhere else. Far too often they get entangled in plastic. And often the animals eat the plastic too. Everyone deserves a clean oceaan! Especially the marine animals that call it their home. They desperately need our help. Image an ocean without marine animals, what kind of ocean would that be?